Heading Out of Town?

Call Us Before You Leave

FraudWatchPlus detects unusual card activity, so unless we know ahead of time that you're going to travel, the system may think a transaction is fraudulent. Let us know when and where you'll be traveling so your debit card performs as expected.

Know Your PIN

Most debit card transactions require a PIN. If you do not know your PIN, please call us.

Be Prepared

Always carry some cash and a second form of payment in the event your debit card cannot be used.

Report a Problem

If your card is not working while you're out of town, it may be because FraudWatch believes fraud was attempted using your card. To investigate the problem during regular business hours, call First Bank at (918) 272-5301. During non-business hours, call FraudWatch at (866) 842-5208.

Go Mobile

Our mobile app allows you to access your account information from wherever you may travel. You can quickly view account information and even receive alerts when your balance falls below a specified threshold.