Our Story


With a population of just over 2,000 people, the town of Owasso was experiencing its first of many growth-spurts. As more and more people called Owasso their home, there was a need for a financial institution that would not only serve the peoples' financial needs but also stand alongside the town and commit to the same values that this up and coming community was built upon. To satisfy this need, First Bank of Owasso became Owasso's first financial institution when we opened our doors on September 8, 1962. We raised over $1,000,000 in deposits on the first day.



By the 1980s, Owasso had almost tripled in size and shortly after we celebrated our twentieth anniversary, we opened our first branch. This branch was opened at German Corner (116th & Garnett). We opened these doors to serve our clients in north Tulsa County.



During the 1990s, Owasso once again doubled in size and now was home to over 11,000 people. To meet the needs of the growing community, we opened our second branch at 86th & 129th, near Owasso High School.



Fast forward into the 2000s. Owasso grew to over 18,000 people and our presence as the bank that can be believed in was cemented into the fabric of our town. To further establish our presence as a bank individuals, businesses, and churches could continue to trust, our main bank relocated to our current state-of-the-art, five-story headquarters at 8601 N. Garnett Road.

Situated alongside one of Oklahoma's busiest highways (US 169), those driving by can look at our building and see our core values etched into the very stones that hold our building up. This facility was built not only to support our operations but also to provide a place where those from the greater Tulsa-Metropolitan area can look to for encouragement. Encouragement that resides deeply in the fact that integrity, caring, and excellence are what we are built upon and are the primary means for growth.



Owasso has grown to over 36,000 people and as a community, Owasso has become a central hub for many economic giants within the state of Oklahoma, Midwestern region, and the entire country. We too have grown and serve over 14,000 clients in 40 states. Imagine for a second. Our client-base has grown, just like Owasso's population has, and the very framework and values we were built upon haven't changed since our inception. To date, our total assets exceed $475,000,000 and we remain locally owned and managed.

As we continue to grow, we will always stay committed to serving individuals, businesses, and churches from all across the United States who see us as the bank they can believe in.