Online Banking vs. Business Banking

Online Banking is great for most small businesses, but if your business requires advanced features, Business Banking may be a better fit.

In addition to the basic features of Online & Mobile Banking, you can use Business Banking to:

  • View multiple profiles in one login. This is great for small business owners with multiple businesses.
  • Create and manage multiple user profiles. This is great for granting full or limited access to other people, such as accountants or payroll employees.
  • Use Cash Management to create ACH transactions. This feature allows you to pay your employees with payroll or pay vendors who would like to receive payments electronically.
  • Use Positive Pay to combat check fraud. This is perfect for companies writing several checks each month and want to proactively protect against fraud.
  • Submit Wire Transfers online.
  • Business Banking is also mobile allowing you to manage your business on the go!

Some features require a separate agreement and may have a monthly cost. Contact Us to find out more and sign up.

You can also check out our interactive demo for a first-hand look at Business Banking.