Costumes Change the World

When you think of people who have changed the world, you may think of great leaders, discoveries, inventions, conquests, or history defining moments. Names like Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Sally Ride, Albert Einstein, or Rosa Parks may come to mind. At First Bank of Owasso, we venture to say that many of our employees can be added to the list. Tellers, lenders, compliance officers, couriers, transaction processors, and bankers.

Imagine these employees wearing Halloween costumes; athletes, dinosaurs, zoo animals, sitcom stars, or even gnomes. If we've lost you, continue reading...


For the past two years, we have held a Facebook contest on Halloween that we call "Costumed for a Cause." Our employees dress up in costume and select non-profits to raise money for. We take photos of these employees and post them on social media. People then like the photos of their favorite costumes - and something beautiful happens. It becomes less about the contest or costumes and more about the causes.

Shelter and provision for the homeless, food for the hungry, support for veterans, tricycles for children with special needs, after school activities for at-risk youth. The organizations who support these causes are the ones who change the world. Our employees just show up wearing costumes. However, there is power in these costumes.


Over the past two years, our employees have raised thousands of dollars for different causes. We think of the new-found smile on a child's face, pep in someone's step, food in someone's stomach, or hope that comes from a brighter tomorrow. We think of scholarships provided to veterans' children, tutoring for students who often get lost in the system, and new winter clothing for families who otherwise might be exposed to the cold.

We don costumes not just for the fun of it but for the cause. Employees like Teresa Betche, Jessica Griffin, Kimberly Lynch, or Kelsey Swan, all members of our dedicated teller staff, each find a boost of energy and value in supporting the causes they dress up for. They see their costumes as opportunities to provide life-change. Employees like Andrea Neuberger and Shannon Taylor, both loan assistants, find tremendous delight in the causes they dress up for each year.

We use a day often known for scary experiences, ghoulish decor, and candy and turn it into a day filled with hope and peace. We redeem the day for the good of those around us. And this effort is not possible without each person who likes the photos on Facebook. The number of likes equals the number of dollars First Bank of Owasso donates to the cause receiving the most.


The causes our employees dress up for are the ones changing the world; our employees, agents of change themselves. Those who vote can rest assured knowing that the few minutes they spent on social media directly benefited someone in need.

At the end of October, our employees will be ready to wear new costumes and support new causes. And you can participate as well. When the contest is live, go vote for your favorite costume or cause - it will transform someone's life - and truth be told, it may transform yours as well.

For the past two years, we have held a Facebook contest on Halloween that we call "Costumed for a Cause." Our employees dress up in costume and select non-profits to raise money for. On October 31, we will don new costumes for new causes. If you want to play a part in changing the world, like us on Facebook,