Not His First Rodeo

When Cain Wright graduated college with a degree in finance, he was fascinated with projections. Both in economics and in life, Cain appreciated how circumstances that once looked bleak could change into opportunities filled with potential. This mindset came from his upbringing, sets him apart from many of his peers, and is propelling him into the future.

Growing up in the small town of Pryor, Oklahoma, Cain did not have an easy life. His mom was 19 years old when she had him and his father was incarcerated. Sports were his outlet; football was his game. His coaches, teammates, and mentors all knew he was destined for something great.

Cain starred in three sports at Pryor High School and was offered a football scholarship to attend a small college in Kansas. He was a running back - and ran past linemen and linebackers not with speed but with power, finesse, and grit. 

"Life has taught me that hard work always prevails." says Wright.

Cain lifted weights in the morning and ran sprints in the evening - he was dedicated to the sport and continually reminded himself of where he could have ended up. He was determined to leave a legacy worth following.

When Cain's football career ended, he transfered to Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma where he met his wife, Maranda. Before he graduated from NSU, Cain met a recruiter from a small community bank in the northeast corner of Oklahoma - close to where the Kansas, Missouri, and Oklahoma state lines all collide. He was offered an internship and later a position as Assistant Vice President of Commercial Lending. Cain knew that accepting this position could set him up for future success. 

A few years later, during a trip to Nowata, Oklahoma with Maranda, Cain noticed First Bank of Owasso on the west side of US Highway 169. He thought FBO must be a community bank because of its name and must have visionary leaders because of its grand headquarters. He was intrigued, so he made a phone call and spoke to the human resources department, who passed his resume on to Dennis Phillips, FBO's Chief Lending Officer.

Cain was offered a position as a lending analyst and appraiser. He accepted the position and made the move to the Tulsa-metro to begin his career at First Bank of Owasso.

Through the role of lending analyst and appraiser, Cain learned how First Bank of Owasso evaluates loans for clients all over the country and gained insight on the valuations of real estate. When he was promoted to Vice President of Commercial Lending, he was ready for the task, as this was not his first rodeo.

Currently, Cain primarily serves clients who invest in properties such as rental homes, industrial and retail centers, apartment complexes, and motels. He seeks to add value in every relationship he makes.

Cain and Maranda own multiple rental properties in the Tulsa-metro. This allows Cain to provide clients with first-hand knowledge. He studies neighborhoods and communities, looks at economic forecasts and projections, and seeks to build relationships that are first and foremost beneficial to the potential investor. Cain is quick to advise if he feels a potential opportunity will not bring value to the client's financial portfolio. This cautiousness stems from life experience he gained as a young boy, assuming the role of protector for his mom and kid-brother at an early age.

"If I could say one thing to my future self, I'd say, "Look forward with hope but don't forget to take time to appreciate where you've come from. Reflect, celebrate, but don't dwell on it too much." adds Wright.

This is the vantage point Cain takes every day as he serves a diverse group of clients.

Cain attributes much of the encouragement he's received in his professional life to Pastor Craig Groeschel of Life.Church. Cain recommitted his life to Christ attending Life.Church and is inspired by Groeschel's book, Fight. Groeschel quotes Steven R. Covey in the book and Covey's quote speaks much to what Cain has discovered.

"Until a person can say deeply and honestly, "I am what I am today because of the choices I made yesterday," that person cannot say, "I choose otherwise." - Steven R. Covey

Cain Wright is the man he is today because of the choices he made yesterday. He leans heavily into the investment others have made in him and hopes to return that investment into the lives of others.

From humble and what some could say challenging beginnings to a successful banker, Cain creates many bright beginnings for those he serves.


Cain Wright serves First Bank of Owasso as a Vice President of Commercial Lending. Cain received both his bachelor's and master's degrees in finance from Northeastern State University. Cain lives in Broken Arrow with his wife, Maranda. Together, they own multiple rental properties and worship at Transformation Church.