Home Away from Home

Home is the word Valerie Scott uses to describe where she finds the comfort of friendship, prevalence of joy, and security of love. Her first home was Siloam Springs, Arkansas and family was an important aspect of her upbringing. Sunday dinners, holiday get-togethers, and family vacations - home.

Valerie received her bachelor's degree from Northeastern State University in Radiologic Technology. She worked in healthcare for 15 years, where she cared for others every day. Valerie was fortunate to experience the world through travel. This experience broadened her horizons and deepened her desire to serve others.

Eventually, Valerie stepped out of the healthcare industry and entered a new career path, going to work for a private fostering agency, placing children with foster families. This experience allowed her to love and help others in a whole new way.

A few years later, Valerie noticed First Bank of Owasso was hiring for the role of Client Service Support Representative. This role is one of the most important positions in a community bank, as the person is often the first point of contact for a new client. She applied for the job and was hired. In this role, Valerie learned clients' names, greeted them, gave them words of encouragement, and made them feel at home.

After a few years, Valerie was offered a new role - Business Solutions Coordinator. She accepted the opportunity. In this role, Valerie serves and supports commercial clients with their credit and debit card processing needs. This role allows her to travel throughout the Tulsa metro area to visit with clients as well as interact with clients all over the country. Valerie's love for serving others is on full display in this position.

JRR Tolkien famously wrote:

"Not all who wander are lost."

Like many, Valerie has been dealt her fair share of trials and struggles throughout the years. She considers these times of wandering as times she felt like she was in the wilderness. Even in the wilderness, she distinctly remembers feeling the arms of God around her - and this feeling has been sustained by her family at First Bank of Owasso. Even in her wandering, Valerie was shown care by her coworkers.

This culture of caring is what attracted Valerie to First Bank of Owasso. Caring and service has marked her professional life, and having it shown to her by her coworkers fuels her to make it a habit in her daily interactions with clients. 

Employees like Angela Priest, Judy Burdell, and Jeannie Gramly have come alongside Valerie as they each share the same desire to care for others. When caring is a core value of an entire organization, clients feel like they have discovered a home away from home.

First Bank of Owasso's vision is to help build the Kingdom by providing financial services and expertise in a responsive and God-honoring manner. Valerie is inspired by this vision and believes that with each new relationship the bank makes, more churches can serve and love others. As this happens, more people can find a church home where they can experience the same feeling Valerie has experienced, the feeling of God's arms around them.

Home is not just a structure with four walls, roof, backyard, and a dog - home is where peace resides. Whether at the grocery store, in big cities, small towns, or in different countries and cultures around the world; for Valerie Scott, home is found through serving and loving others.

Home - finding the comfort of friendship, prevalence of joy, and security of love. For First Bank of Owasso, there is no other option but to care about those we serve - to provide a home away from home for employees and clients alike.


Originally from Arkansas, Valerie Scott attended Northeastern State University in Tahlequah, Oklahoma, and has lived in Owasso for over ten years. Valerie serves First Bank of Owasso as Business Solutions Coordinator.