First In. Last Out.

We live in a day where quick fixes and easy answers motivate us. "If I could just win the lottery" or "If I could just lose ten pounds." That's what culture whispers to us through billboards, self-help books, and television programming. We see many proverbial hares on display, but we rarely give credit to tortoises.

Humility derives from the Latin word, "humus." Not to be paired with pita, "humus" is a word meaning "ground or earth." Humility at its simplest of definitions means embracing our God-given humanity - our frailness and fragility.

In 1980, times were simpler. Owasso was a two-lane, one stoplight town with cow pastures as far as the eye could see. For Pam Stout and Doris Carver, 1980 was a year that would change their lives. Pam and Doris were strangers to each other at the beginning of 1980, but as the years passed, they became close friends and now know each other almost better than they know themselves.

Both Pam and Doris were hired by First Bank of Owasso in 1980 to work in the back office - behind the scenes. They held roles that were essential to the bank's operation: Pam, a check and statement filer, and Doris, a check proof operator. They were responsible for making sure every transaction that came through the bank was processed properly.

During the 1980s and 1990s, First Bank of Owasso added two new locations to support the growing population of Owasso. As First Bank of Owasso grew, so did Pam and Doris. 

"People always ask me what has changed the most since 1980, and I always come to the same conclusion. What's changed the most is me," adds Stout as Carver nods in agreement.

As the new millennium arrived in 2000, Pam and Doris remained a mainstay in the back office at FBO. First Bank of Owasso kept growing and so did Pam and Doris. Pam shares that she has mellowed out over the years thanks to Doris, who shares that she has come out of her shell thanks to Pam's influence.

When First Bank of Owasso built its new headquarters in 2009, Pam and Doris were there - behind the scenes, making sure the transition went smoothly. While both of their original jobs have since been replaced by modern technology, intangible values like hard work, reliabiltiy, initiative, and humility are what have set Pam and Doris apart. 

Times in Owasso may have been simpler in 1980, but as those two lanes grew to four, and the cow pastures became neighborhoods, Pam and Doris both experienced difficult circumstances in their lives. Family struggles, health concerns - life events that no one wants to face. Through all of those times, they had each other to lean on.

When Pam's husband received a liver transplant, Doris and the rest of Pam's First Bank of Owasso family were there to support her. When Doris' husband spent five weeks in the hospital, Pam and the rest of her First Bank of Owasso family were there to support her. From the generosity shown towards them, both Pam and Doris have learned the importance of showing care for others.

"This job has been so much more than a paycheck for me. It's been a blessing to work with such compassionate and kind-hearted people," says Carver.

Today, Owasso's population is five times larger than it was in 1980, First Bank of Owasso now has clients in 40 states, and Pam and Doris are still in the back office - each playing a vital role in First Bank's continued success. Each day they support both clients and employees without any limelight or stage to stand on. But, for Pam and Doris, they know their reward is not found in the momentary. They see no other way to live.

Most days on the second floor of the bank's headquarters, Pam is the first to arrive, turning on the lights and preparing the first reports from transactions made overnight. On the other side of the clock, when the parking lot clears out and most employees are already home, Doris is there to process the final transactions of the day made by out-of-state clients, before turning out the lights and heading home.

Pam, the first in, Doris, the last out; all behind the scenes, step by step, stride by stride. The tortoise didn't need applause to keep moving. He reaped the reward of the finish line, ready for what came next.

Pam Stout and Doris Carver, First Bank of Owasso's longest tenured employees will celebrate 40 years at FBO in 2020. They have no plans to stop doing what they do. No matter what breakthroughs come in banking or new technologies are introduced, Pam and Doris will still be in the back office, behind the scenes, serving both clients and employees.

Humility, embracing our God-given humanity; we're made from dust yet through God's living breath, we are given life and are provided the strength necessary to work with all our might. If you want to see an example of humility - look no further than Pam and Doris at First Bank of Owasso.


Pam Stout has served in the Transaction Processing department at First Bank of Owasso since 1980. Pam lives in Owasso with her husband, Danny. They just celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary! They have 2 daughters, 8 grandchildren, and 1 great-grandchild. Pam loves working in her flower garden at home and worshipping at First Church in Owasso, where her son-in-law, Matt Thomason, serves as Executive Minister.


Doris Carver has served in the Transaction Processing department at First Bank of Owasso since 1980. Doris lives in the outskirts of Owasso with her husband of 41 years, Wayne. They love spending time with their children, 14 grandchildren and 6 great-grandchildren. In addition to working at FBO, Doris has owned several small businesses, including owning her own concession truck