First Bank of Owasso


Remote Deposit

We always love it when our clients come to the bank to open an account, ask a question, or make a deposit. However, we know you're busy, and you may prefer the option of scanning your checks at your office, and sending them to us for deposit. We can help.

With Remote Deposit, you will:

  • Reduce expenses - decrease gasoline consumption
  • Save time - reduce the number of trips to the bank
  • Gain flexibility - make your deposits anytime, day or night
  • Increase efficiency - electronically capture customer payment information

With an internet-connected computer and a simple check scanner, you can quickly scan checks and deposit them right into your account. The system will automatically calculate your deposit totals, submit the deposit, and allow you to download the deposit information for quick and easy integration with QuickBooks and other financial management systems.

Additional features include:

  • Capturing the front and back images of each check
  • Courtesy Amount Recognition (CAR)
  • Legal Amount Recognition (LAR)
  • Deposit Balancing
  • Automated Deposit Notification

Like our Online Banking, BillPay, and Cash Management services, Remote Deposit is available 24X7, allowing you to make your bank deposit when you want, not just when the bank lobby is open.

If you're interested in Remote Deposit, give us a call, or stop by one of our convenient locations.

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